C-Dive Capitalizes on Pipe Recovery Barge’s Unique Capabilities

Brian Abshire - Thursday, January 14, 2021

Along with over 125 divers/tenders ready to respond, C-Dive’s newest Pipe Lay & Recovery Barge, the L/B SPEEDY, expands our commercial diving services throughout the Gulf of Mexico. C-Dive recently completed six Pipeline Recovery/Removal projects in the Gulf utilizing the L/B SPEEDY - where the barge’s unique set-up to cut 80-foot sections of pipe on the barge, ensured the projects were completed safely and on-time. The SPEEDY was purposely modified from a Pipe-Lay barge to also function as a Pipe-Recovery barge where the 270’ x 72’ x 16’layout enables the vessel to recover pipelines in sections twice as long as other methods of recovery.

On two of the recent projects, the SPEEDY simultaneously uncovered and reversed laid 27,400 feet of 10-inch concrete coated pipeline in 35 feet of seawater, buried to 25 feet. On the second project, the SPEEDY simultaneously uncovered, sheared, and grappled 34,000 feet of 24-inch concrete coated pipeline, subsea (utilizing sonar), in 55 feet of seawater.

Depending on the depth of water, the SPEEDY is capable of removing up to 36” pipe while simultaneously uncovering this pipe buried up to 25 feet below the seafloor. Capable to recover pipe in 80-foot sections and dual pipelines in one pass, along with uncovering pipe 25-feet below the seafloor, ensures the L/B SPEEDY will be a cost-benefit to clients and an efficient recovery asset for C-Dive.

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